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Best Motivational True Story | success story life changing

Hi guys welcome to the filmy cut this is Navin. Our coming post is about someone really famous,it's a true story of someone you already know. So just sit back, relax, and watch the posttill the end. And by the end of it, hopefully you will bemotivated enough, to achieve your success. So lets begin. He was born in Canada in the '60sHis mother was sick, so he used to spent a lot of time with her,Trying to make his mother laugh, trying to make her happyWhile,
Best Motivational True Story his father worked as an accountant, working in a safe job to support the familyHis father wanted to be a musician, but had given up his dream as it was not practicalEverythot was going fine, until one day his father lost his jobHis father tried getting a new job but was not able homeless, lived in a vanHe was only 15 then; he started working in a steel factory, to support his familyHis whole future was in front of him,

he thought he will become a steel mill workerNo other dreams were allowed Bu…

Five Hour Rule Most Successful and life changing

Boy, it seems like you learn, and you learn,and you learn, and still it’s like you’re no closer to your goals. Why can't you succeed and go further? Well, it turns out there are “recipes forsuccess” that winners use, and you can too! For one thing, it just may be that you justhaven't applied the 5-hour rule! The five-hour rule is one of the most effectivetechniques of learning created by the founder of Empact, Michael Simmons. This concept goes back to Ben Franklin whospent time every day setting goals, learning new things
and experimenting. This strategy is used by Bill Gates
MarkZuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk, who have all reached, shall we say, a very highlevel of achievement, right? So to be like these folks, do what they do– invest regular time on deliberate learning! There are three main steps: reading, reflecting,and experimenting. anything else, and Warren Buffettspends 5-6 hours a day reading. So read at least one hour a day. Read during breaks, before bed, or…

How to remove nagative thought Dealing With Negative Thoughts

Welcome to Sync Mind. This audio session combines Sadhguru'sspeeches with Binaural Beats Technology. Please Use Headphonesand Listen Carefully. Sync Mind presents:Dealing With Negative Thoughts | Sadhguru All you need to do is,just be the way you want to be. How do you want to be? That’s all. It’s that simple; after all you want to be joyful; just be that way - who is stopping you? ‘No, no, they are doing this.’See, now... you don’t want them to do whatthey want to do (Laughter) but you want to do what you want to do.(Laughter) This is a problem. 
If you want to do what you want to do, you must also be okay with everybody doing what they want to do. That’s the only way because freedom is a two waystream, isn't it? Yes? Now, is somebody physically torturing you? If that is so, you come; we’lltake you away (Laughter), because then you need to be protected. Nobody is physically torturing you, they just doing what they want to do; they are saying what they want to say. Or they’re j…

Best Motivational post For Success In Life mindset of high schievers

If you're down right now, if you're not where youwant to be right now, if you're not successfulright now, don't worry because the signs ofsuccess are not obvious. What often looks like afailure on the surface is just a stepping stone towards success. So wherever you are in yourjourney, you need to realize your adversity is your greatest advanta Pain does. Comfort does not move you. Adversity does. Realize that your toughest times will turn you into the toughest person. What doesn't kill youwill make you stronger. Don't hide your pain, 
don'trun away from your struggles. Use it. Turn your pain into fuel. Turn your failures intomotivation and never ever give up. Realize that your defeatwill lead you to victory, and realize that your painwill become your greatest tool, and realize that your adversityis your greatest advantage. We are all human. We all make mistakes, but what separates thesuccessful from the rest is they learn from their mistakes. When you can l…

Study Motivation for Success & Students motivation post

We've all heardthe sound of a clock Have you ever stoppedto think about what it means? There are two fixed pointsin your life... Birth and Death And what happens in betweenthat's under your control, it's the only thingunder your control Now, we have no idea what the distancebetween birth and death is going to be. And you've heard the storyso many times Somebody gets really bad news,they find out they've got life threatening cancer, they've only got a few months to live,they quit their job, sell all their possessions and go volunteeringin a far-off country giving back to other people,spending time with the people important to them and spending time doingthe things that really matter the most. So, why is it that we wait for sucha massive moment for us to take massive action? What if you could changeeverything today?
What if you could changeeverything in an instant? Right now Watching this video on YouTube, on your phoneor your laptop, or wherever you are. What if …

How To Manifest Money Fast! - law of attraction visualization

Welcome to the Money Manifesting Mini Course. I'm Mary Kate, and I'm a mindset coach, manifestingexpert, and found I will also help you uncover exactly whatis block you from attracting abundance. So let's get started! In order to start attracting money into yourlife, you have to first have an understanding of what money is,
and your relationship toyour finances. That sounds like such a strange statementto say, "your relationship to your finances," but we all have feelings and relationshipsto thoughts and objects. How you feel about something determines howyou can attract it into your life. Everything is energy and in order to attractcertain things into your life, 
you have to be an energetic match and understand yourrelationship to that object. Love is one of the most powerful vibrationsyou can tap into. So whenever possible, shift your feelingstowards love. So what is your relationship to money? Be honest with yourself! Do you get nervous to check your bank accoun…

Law of attraction 15 Cute Things love life

Brainy Dose Presents: 15 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love Generally, girls do not need to try very hardto impress a guy. In fact, they usually don’t have to tryat all! Men are visual creatures who want things thatlook pleasing to their eyes. It turn out, there are man thing girls that guys love, and kno about these thing may also help improve your relationship. So let’s get right to it! 
Number 1 - Natural Look Girl have a bit of an with make often refuse leave the house without a paint face. But little do they realize that guys findtheir natural look, SO cute, and even irresistible! While guys do love when a girl dresses upand looks glamorous, they really appreciate when she doesn’t wear any makeup and goesnatural and comfortable around him. It shows her ease and confidence. 
Number 2 - Calling His Name Whether a girl calls out a guys’ name inthe bedroom, or just whispers it naughtily while out in public, guys love it. Even something as simple as calling his namewhen she needs some…